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Testimonials from our Valued Customers

The wonderful gals at FNTA have been handling all my travel plans for the past 25+ years, going on 3 million air miles.  They are always professional, pleasant and courteous whenever I have to arrange or modify plans—even if I am changing my itinerary while abroad during the middle of a trip.  Whether it is air, hotel or rental car reservations, I know I can rely upon Jan and Michelle to get it done efficiently.  They are always looking for the best schedules and best values for my business trips.  Keep up the great job!!

I think of a travel agent as your trip's personal shopper ! Think about it. After expressing what was important to us, Lori went to work researching various accommodations that fit the bill. Everything has been confirmed and we can put our energy into relaxing and enjoying our time. Using an agent has made this trip even more delightful!

We had a wonderful time and 10-days was just about right.  Went all over the island and hit all major roads except for a 29 mile stretch between Hilo and the Volcano.    We enjoy staying at the Royal Kona Resort - it is not fancy but the rooms are nice, with ref and 2nd sink, and had a beautiful view of the ocean that we could watch the sunset & luau in the evening if we were in.  Has all the amenities that we needed.  There are nicer ones, but when you don't spend much time in the room, was perfect.  It also has a lagoon that is perfect in allowing you to swim in the ocean, yet be protected from the strong waves.  They also left a complimentary bottle of champagne in our room for our 45th anniversary & Carl's birthday.

One of my highlights is that I went zip lining with with a group of 8 plus 2 guides for about 3 hrs. at Kohola Zipline.  Total of 9 ziplines, 5 suspension bridges and a rappel down when finished.  Not sure I would do it again, but always wanted to do it.  Next adventure is parasail from the back of a boat.  (can't swim - but they better catch me).  Went to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, lunch at the marina with fresh fish, and much much more.  Was a new adventure each day. 

If it wasn't so far, would do it again next year.  Again, thanks for all your help, and we are in love with the Big Island of Hawaii.

Darrell & I wanted you to know that we had an amazing time on the trip!  Princess thinks of everything down to the smallest detail.  I would definitely recommend them.
We did see some whales and the glaciers were amazing.  I wish the weather would of been a little better but, like we found out, we had typical Alaska weather!  
Our favorite excursion was the helicopter ride that landed on the glacier….  The excursions included in the package were great also.  We did get to see some wildlife when touring inland.   All the tour guides were very knowledgeable.  We got to see Mt McKinley on a rare clear day that you could actually see the top of the mountain! 
All the hotels were very nice!  Most of the time we had a suite. The last hotel in Fairbanks we actually checked our baggage and got our boarding passes at the hotel which was so handy!  Princess had a separate area to take care of you.
Thank you for all your help. It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip and I am glad we went now instead of waiting until we were retired or older!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all your help with booking our family trip!!  We will definitely be back for our next family trip!!

We had a fantastic time on our honeymoon! We loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back!  There wasn't one thing to complain about.  We loved it so much and thought... surely there is one thing that they could improve on, but there wasn't.  The staff is amazing and willing to do anything for you!  The food was fantastic!  We also loved everything they offered as an all inclusive: paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, catamaran, scuba, windsailing, paddleboat.  They had so many activities for us!  We also loved that they had shade on the beach.  We could lay in the sun for a while and then go to the shade without having to leave the beach!  The beach chairs had cushions that were also usable in the ocean, so you could lay in the ocean on floaties!  We also upgraded to an hour massage and it was probably the best massage that we have ever had!  The resort also offered free photo shoots and then you could go in a choose which ones you wanted to keep.  The only charge was when you bought the photos, but no obligation to purchase!
We took a 3 in 1 tour.  We went on a crocodile tour, then to the YS falls, then on the Appleton Rum tour.  We first went on the crocodile tour.  They took us down the river and would call in crocodiles.  Our tour guide would also touch the crocodiles.  We went from there to a lunch that was on top of the hill that we could see forever.  It was a beautiful French style building that served local food!  It was fantastic and a beautiful view!  We went from there to the YS waterfalls!  These were beautiful waterfalls one after another.  They had guides that would escort you out into them and take your picture.  You could also zip line over them.  It was amazing and we would go spend a whole day there next time!  From there we went to the Appleton Estate for a rum tour.  When we arrived we were given rum punch and sugar cane sticks.  You would chew on the sticks to get the sugar off of the cane.  Then we toured the Estate.  They showed us how they made rum from back when they first started many years ago to current.  It was a very interesting tour!  After the tour we were able to go sample many of their rums (13 different ones)
We were so glad the seating arrangements worked out! You did an amazing job for us and we have passed your name along to several people already!  In fact my parents are looking into going somewhere for their 60th.  I have forwarded you email about the Couples Negril and they may contact you soon.  They want to go somewhere in the Caribbean, just not sure where.  Sounds familiar doesn't it?  ;)  We will definitely be contacting you in the future for future trips!